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Binhao, established in 1996, is one of key strategic suppliers of global famous brands in luggage and backpack industry, such as Samsonite, National Geography, Ricardo, Delsey, Mandarina Duck etc.

During more than two decades of entrepreneurial process, we’ve made the acquaintance of many partners and friends, who have accompanied with us and seen Binhao growing up from small factory and having around a thousand of employees, with annual output over 300 million RMB. We’re appreciated what they’ve done.

Binhao Luggage and Bags Factory

We believe the beauty is endless in the world. We respect the persons who’ve been exploring, searching for, creating and making their whole-life efforts to pursue it.

In the future, Binhao will spare no effort to realize the beauty of this industry, traveling and life.

Devote to accelerate building of good industrial ecology and create better traveling experience.

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Part of our OEM/ODM Customers

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Part of our Raw Material Suppliers

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Contact: Starry Fung

Phone: +86-1-3926-559500


Add: No.82, North Dongkeng Avenue, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China 523446

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