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Five steps in Luggage and Bags Hardware Parts Production process

Luggage hardware production process is the most critical aspect is to mold making, if not well-designed mold, then that represents the manufacturers will not produce a good product or not produce bags of luggage products, then a manufacturer of products how, first look at the production level of how to mold manufacturers. When the luggage manufacturers make a good mold, then the next step is casting, die casting machine is an extremely machines will use the experience, not an ordinary person can operate, Why? Die-casting machines generally have different tonnage, and often tonnage luggage hardware would be about 25 tons, these die-casting machine only experienced master before they can operate as an experienced chef to suppress machine will control the intensity of pressure, die-casting machines use force if it will make lighter product is not smooth, the intensity if you are using a larger, it will find glitches luggage products, and will increase their electricity costs. So please be a good master die casting machine is not easy, not only can reduce the cost of doing business, but also can make products to minimize the appearance of defective products.


The third step is polishing metal parts in the production of goods, when polishing is whether the product can be sold for a good price on an important symbol, especially women, products of all kinds of metal parts like women like jewelry, luggage and accessories if you have a shiny shiny feeling, you need a high degree of polish, and then plating, shiny effect after the completion of the last step to appear, so the demand for such a shiny luggage hardware accessories products, polished to a very important step.

The fourth step foot on a piece of luggage products use very attentive friends will find that the product will have a foot piece of luggage, which is fixed in order to make it more durable bags or more of the shape so that consumers like, both here will be used are stamping machine bed and tapping machine, die-casting and stamping equipment belonging bed, now production process to improve gradually been replaced rig.

The final step is the electroplating, plating is more particular about the experience of the master plating, plating time is too long and resolute will have a serious impact on luggage hardware, affect the aesthetics, etc., so it is necessary in the process of electroplating electroplating master cylinder operation grasp a good time, eventually luggage hardware package will be sent to customers through the hands.

Five steps in Luggage and Bags Hardware Parts Production process



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