Leisure High Quality Suitcase/Luggage (994266TB)

Built using import nylon material, high quality.

Leisure High Quality Suitcase / Luggage

Product Description

1) silent universal wheels

2): Strong and comfortable handle,:

3): Built using import nylon material, high quality.

4) Extra-large storage compartment

5) Buckles produced with environmentally friendly materials

6) Organizer pocket

7) side hails to avoid scratches the side of the suitcase

8) handles constructed using high-strength aluminum alloys used in aerospace construction

9) Our tests involve subjecting handle to 5, 000 shakes while handling 25KG

Dimensions: 360*270*600CM-20"; 430*310*720CM-24", 515*350*840-28"

Weight: 2.56KG-20"; 3.16KG-24", 3.75KG-28

Color: Red/brown/black


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