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Backpack vs Suitcase How to Choose for Travel

Backpack vs Suitcase How to Choose for Travel

Whether you’re going to one of the places on this list or not, you can easily figure out if you should travel with a suitcase, duffel, or backpack by answering the following:

Backpack vs Suitcase How to Choose for Travel

What’s your transportation going to be like? If you’re renting a car, it’s much easier to bring any type of luggage, whereas a suitcase is cumbersome on public transportation (especially non-carry on sized).

How good is the infrastructure? Roads? Hotels? If you’re headed somewhere with good roads, sidewalks, and hotels with elevators, your luggage type won’t matter much. If not, a backpack or duffel will be easier.

Will you be spending most of your time in one place, or moving around a lot? Again, if you’re staying put, go with what suits you best. If not, make sure you won’t get exhausted walking around with your luggage.

Are there any personal considerations that might affect your choice? A bad back, for example? As much as some of us might love to take a backpack, it’s just easier to bring a suitcase.

Are you worried about theft? Make sure your bag can lock and, hate to say it, but hard-shelled suitcases are pretty darned theft proof.

If you’re on the fence, think about ways you can make your preferred luggage type work in a less than ideal situation. For example, if you’re a suitcase kinda gal in a suitcase-unfriendly locale, make sure you’re bringing a smaller, lighter weight one that you can carry up a flight of stairs if necessary.



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