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How to buy magnesium aluminum alloy trolley luggage suitcase

How to choose and buy a magnesium aluminum alloy trolley luggage suitcase

1. Look at the gap

A good Alcoa pull rod box is made of a whole piece of aluminum magnesium alloy by die casting. There is no gap in the connecting part at the back of the box, and the waterproof effect is very good. At present, many pull rod boxes in the market are spliced with two-piece or loose pieces of aluminum magnesium alloy, and the back gap is covered with other materials. When purchasing Alcoa pull rod boxes, you must pay attention to whether the gap of the box is covered.

2. Look at the pull rod

The handle rod of magnesium aluminum alloy box is also made of Alcoa. It feels very smooth and has good mute effect. There is generally no sound when pulling up and pushing back. This effect can be maintained for a long time. Some trolley boxes start to pull out and push back well, but over time, this effect is difficult to maintain, and it becomes more difficult to push back and pull out.

3. Hand handle

The design of the hand-held handle is a particular place for the trolley case. After the hand-held handle of the low-grade trolley case is lifted up, the box will make a sound when it returns automatically due to the collision, because the handle of the traditional trolley case is forcibly pulled back by the spring. Over time, the spring deformation will lose the rebound effect. The handle design of aluminum alloy pull rod box generally adopts damping rebound design, and the rebound is silent. You can try the rebound feel of the handle more when purchasing.

4. Case surface

Generally, the color of Alcoa trolley case is silver gray, and others are gold, blue and pink. The coloring of the surface of the case is a technical activity. At present, there are two mainstream coloring technologies, one is painting and the other is oxidation. The painted boxes began to buy beautiful colors, but the paint would fall off soon. Oxidation technology is more durable in coloring, and has strong anti falling ability, which basically won't fade. When buying a box, pay attention to check the surface of the box. If there are small particles visible to the naked eye on the surface of the box, they are generally painted. There are small particles on the surface due to uneven painting or more dust in the painting environment. Oxidized boxes are easy to identify, the surface is flat, there are no small particles visible to the naked eye, and the hand feel is very smooth.

5. Wheels

Generally, the wheels of the trolley case are easy to feel bumpy and noisy during towing. The alloy trolley case is generally designed with two wheels, with relatively stable towing and good cushioning effect.

6. Combination lock of Trolley Case

The design of general Trolley Case password lock is very simple and easy to break. It is generally not used when traveling abroad. The aluminum magnesium alloy trolley case is generally designed with TSA customs lock. If there is customs inspection for the luggage brought abroad, the customs will use special tools to open your suitcase. If there is no TSA customs lock, unfortunately, it will directly pry open your suitcase.



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